Our specialty and services

Our core services are focused on the following:

  • Painting Technique Applications
  • Building Modifications / Extensions
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Electrical Fencing
  • Renewable energy technology (Solar Home System, Solar Water Heating etc)
  • Geysers



We are Paint techniques applicators, Cementatious paints applicators, Stucco applicators, Ordinary plasters applicators, Pandomo applicators, Limestone applicators, Windswept applicators, Tidalcote applicators, Floor staining and sealing, Worn leather applicators, Limecote applicators.

Metallic wax applicators, Tile installations, Distemper and antiquing applicators, Wall paper paint applicators, Peinture (Fresco) applicator, Pigmented Plasters, Special floor Installations.

In short we are an approved Midas Earthcote Paints applicator. However we also do waterproofing applications whether cementatious, Acrylic or Torch on.

We are a colour consulting experts so we can assist with colours for the entire building whether office or a private dwelling. We assist with colour breakdown in situations where different colours need to applied for instance reveals, cobbles and window seals or simply to create feature or ascent walls. We do all that taking into consideration that all those colours need to marry into one therefore creating attractive and class appearance.
Therefore we will never create a colour scheme for your spaces without your full participation.


Building Modifications / Extensions

Building Modifications or Extensions are often used to improve or customize a home or building to fit the required needs of the owner or its occupants. These services may increase the value of the property, improve usability and often provides opportunities to repair areas which are visibly damaged or may have gone unnoticed.


Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating may be required for specific industries such as the hospitality or medical fields, but may come in handy for placement in homes or other residential areas. It offers the extra benefit of comfort in cold weather conditions and improves the general temperature of a space if managed correctly.


Electrical Fencing

A basic requirement for any home is sufficient security system resources which offers protection for the safety of your loved ones and your property. With professional Electrical Fencing installations, a guard is implemented to prevent trespassing into your property. The flash of current is a deterrent as the slightest touch of the electric wire sends an electrical shock to the individual which is painful and loud.


Renewable energy and energy efficiency

Limbika believes in diversity and projects partnerships in various fields. We extend our services and products beyond painting and coating to energy technologies.

Energy resources for grid electricity have depleted and are becoming scarce and expensive. In view of this, the conversion of your lighting system from grid electricity to Solar power (renewable energy technology) provides a greater advantage to your sustainable energy utilization i.e. cutting your electricity bills, contributing to sustainable environmental standards by using cleaner technologies while enjoying substantial paybacks.

  1. We provide available renewable energy technology options (Solar Home System, Solar Water Heating etc) as alternative energy resources through designing and installation.
  2. Energy efficiency approaches are an integral part of energy saving in the current electricity usage. We provide energy efficiency materials like;
  • Geyser blanket and insulation of hot water pipes
  • Installation of solar geysers
  • Ceiling Insulators
  • Energy efficient light