Renewable energy technology

Limbika believes in diversity and projects partnerships in various fields. We extend our services and products beyond painting and coating to energy technologies.

Energy resources for grid electricity have depleted and are becoming scarce and expensive. In view of this, the conversion of your lighting system from grid electricity to Solar power (renewable energy technology) provides a greater advantage to your sustainable energy utilization i.e. cutting your electricity bills, contributing to sustainable environmental standards by using cleaner technologies while enjoying substantial paybacks.

  1. We provide available renewable energy technology options (Solar Home System, Solar Water Heating etc) as alternative energy resources through designing and installation.
  2. Energy efficiency approaches are an integral part of energy saving in the current electricity usage. We provide energy efficiency materials like;
  • Geyser blanket and insulation of hot water pipes
  • Installation of solar geysers
  • Ceiling Insulators
  • Energy efficient light