Our Mission

To passionately provide an above average paint and allied applications service, beyond the expectation of our clientele and to be continually referred to, as value for money service provider in the industry. We endeavour to achieve all this;

By providing hands on training to our staff

This is to ensure that every product we apply or install has followed every spec as required by the manufacturer but this also lessens problems that could arise in future due to poor application methodology.

By having work ethos that values a paying customer

Proven production methods that stress an organized professional and reliable service and that we work efficiently to meet deadlines.

By maintaining a high level of cleanliness during paint applications and other installations

We will ensure that paint residues, leftovers and other hazardous wastes are disposed off; this includes covering of ground, floor, and house contents during operations. Other surfaces that have been drilled will be left filled and covered.

By applying coatings to detail with a sense of flawlessness in mind

This entails precision brush or spray edging around window frames door frames skirting cornice and ceilings etc giving a mastery appeal of the finished job. Our other installations in allied category will bear hallmarks of professionalism as well

By using products that have stood distinct among many

We will endeavour to source products that have meaningful guarantees,
Products that provides beauty but have also proved to withstand the natural elements over time

Written quotations or contracts

Written quotations that provide systematic approach to project breakdown so that you the client know exactly what you are paying for.

Competitive prices

Accounts with major paint and other allied  services suppliers offering Limbika Coatings & Finishes excellent Prices which in turn are passed on to our clients.

Our aim

Limbika Coatings & Finishes is making in roads in integrating other allied services into our stable so we become one stop decorative service provider. These will include but not limited to the following: Tiling, Ceiling installations, Rhinoliting, Partitioning, Plumbing, Electrical installations, (mains and solar) Paving, Wallpaper hanging, carpentry, Roofing, kitchen installations, irrigation installations, interior deco and construction in general.Limbika Coatings & Finishes is a “one stop” trusted name in home finishes.