About Us


Limbika coatings & Finishes is a dynamic and professional Painting and renovating contractor and we pride ourselves in the masterly appeal of our Finishes and good reputation accorded to us by our many satisfied clients, who continue to refer us to their friends and colleagues as value for money service provider in this industry.

About the founder

The founder comes with him experience and product knowledge of the decorative paint of over fifteen years, having worked for the major paint retail stores as paint customer consultant and paint Department Manager respectively.

Why use Limbika Coatings & Finishes

We understand that the choice of paints today is more complicated than just enamels and acrylics and the range of paints has grown so big that you may have to enlist the services of professional Painting contractor to assist you in sourcing products that are of high quality and are fully backed up but more importantly they have to suite your needs.

That is where we come in. We understand that Paint is the last item to go on your most treasured asset and it is the one thing people will see everyday therefore at Limbika coatings & Finishes we believe in finishes that are flawless, applications that adhere to manufacturer’s specifications by applying relevant primers and pre-treatments before multiple coats of final coats are applied. In fact we also want your walls to have an inviting appearance

We have a no nonsense approach to surface preparation before painting which is a golden rule in any painting work and our philosophy in this regard is 90% preparation and 10% Painting.

Successfully completed projects

References on successfully completed projects can be supplied to you on request.